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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

♡゚japanese Style Make-up Tutorial゚♡゚

★my tools★

★pianu face highlighter
☆maybelline waterproof mascara
★MAC liquid concealer & MAC pencil concealer
☆ Mary Kay full coverage foundation
★ Sephora's bronzer
☆ Maybelline eyeshadow
★ Lancome Hypnose Mascara
☆ NARS orgasm blush
★ MAC sparkle eyeshadow pencil
(NOT PICTURED pout loose facial powder)

okay let's start!!!

first off, please wash your face and put lotion on! it's very important to start with a clean face. smile.gif


dot foundation around your face and rub it in gently and smoothly on your face with a sponge.

for concealer under your eyes tip your head down so you can see the dark spots and the put the concealer there. happy.gif

don't use a sponge or rub it!! gently pat it into your skin~

if you have any acnes use a concealer pencil to cover them up, but also follow the same technique of patting as the other one.

put powder on your face to set what you've just done. don't forget to put it around your eye areas too~

for you guys that want to use bronzer, start like you would blush by smiling and the rub it from your cheeks onto the rest of your face from there, but always start around your cheeks. after that smile and put blush on the apple of your cheeks and push back to your hair line. ^^

now your face is donnee!! and it's time for eyemake up~~


lastly take the highlighter and sweep it from the corner of your eye in like a /\ shape from your nose, to make your face brighter and highlight the top of your nose to make it taller. put bronzer on the outside corner of your face to create an illusion of a smaller face ^^ you can do this on the sides or your nose too to make your nose seem smalller if you want.

credit: honeysky@soompi


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i dont like it its not really japanese more like normal life but its pretty

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