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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make-up Tutorials By The Ulzzang Pony

Here are the tutorials:



1. Follow your face line from the bottom of your ear to your chin and put in a natural shading. This is the most important part of making a small face.
2. In the C area, shade in a way that caresses around the eye.
3. 3 stars! When you are sporting a hairstyle that reveals your forehead, put a natural shade from where your hair starts to make your face look smaller.
4. Er… something about water base makeup.. or not lol I’m not sure. It says to put highlight in that area though.
5. Highlight the t-zone area to create a certain effect for your face. I don’t know what it says but I’m sure its something good lol


Delicate Caramel

Pink Sparkle

Love Paradise

Golden Cat

Futural Twiggy

Brown Smoky


Natural Skin


credit: LemoN - AidE


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these :D i was wondering if you could have a look at this link


and translate "No. 4 Natural skin" for me? :D it would be very much appreciated!

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