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Thursday, June 25, 2009

curl Your Hair Without A Curler!

Note: this is way of curling is only possible for mid to long hair (shoulders and longer), also with DRY hair.



Thin hair elastic.

Gosh, this looks so fake. =\

The first comb.

1) First:
Tie your hair up in a pigtail with a thin hair elastic. Not too high, not too low, not too tight and not too loose. Somewhat in the middle of the back of your head.

2) Second:
Spray a little bit water on your tail. (Not too much! This will make you curl your hair more difficult.)

3) Third:
Spray some gel/hairspray on your tail. Note: SPRAY IT! Do not use mousse, gel, wax or any other kind of gel that you have to rub in with your hands.
Grab a piece of your pigtail and brush it backwards (from the end to the beginning of your pig tail) softly with a comb. This step may sound a bit weird, but take a good look at the pictures. Repeat this with the rest of your tail until you get a “messy” pigtail. Don’t overdo it though, that could kill your hair. ;P

4) Fourth:
Spray some more gel/hairspray on your messy tail and squeeze your messy tail together. Note: SPRAY IT! Do not use mousse, gel, wax or any other kind of gel that you have to rub in with your hands. That could straighten your “messy” tail and the results won’t be too “curly”. (: Yet again: don’t spray too much.

5) Fifth:
Now tie your hair up in a knot and let the hairspray dry up. (Spray some more if you think it’s necessary.) This usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, depends on what kind of spray you’re using. Be sure to let it dry to the limit, to prevent weak and disappearing curls.

6) Sixth:
When it’s all dried up, carefully remove the hair elastic. Move and spread the curls like you want to and spray a bit more hairspray on them. Et voila:

- Use this tutor till step 5, before you go to sleep, ONLY if you didn’t wash your hair. Because wet hair makes step 3 very difficult and annoying! You’ll be sure it’s extremely dry the next morning. (; Then follow step 6.
- Make sure you don’t tie your pigtail tight, this could cause an afro-effect on your head. xD

Credits: pics.drugstore.com, mujionline.co.uk, familydefense.com, photobucket.com and M ♡ @ Soompi!


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